Meet The Fine Art Cafe Academy’s Contributors 

Kaz Bell

Kaz is a relatively new and untrained artist from the UK.  She started playing with watercolour just a few years ago following surgery.  Kaz is a lover of the outdoors and horses and paints mostly animals and flowers.

Teresa K Brown 

Teresa K Brown

Teresa has loved to paint since she was ten years old. She has taken classes in all mediums as a source for finding her own style and a way to express herself through her art. Through the use of color, passion and love she brings her subject of her paintings to life. She sees art as a way to bring forth a memory or a feeling. Her goal is for art to bring beauty to the world through each of her brushstrokes. 

Lisa Christensen

Lisa believes that everyone is creative and should have the tools to use their creativity to make their lives happier. She embraces the emotions that life has to offer and use that emotion to show through her artwork.  As a stay at home mom/artist for over a decade, Lisa has some fun ways to include art in your everyday life – Art should be like breathing- you need it to thrive and be happy!  The artwork that is created, is to be used to celebrate the milestones and occasions that life has to offer all the while celebrating the sheer joy of creativity. 



Elizabeth Collins

Liz enjoys all types of arts and crafts. Her specialty is creating
artworks using Brusho with glue. She loves how different the before and
after photos turn out, leading to a wonderful abstract piece of art. Her
future plans are to hold small teaching sessions for locals to discover
the joys of Brusho.


Jodi Epp

Jodi is a Saskatoon Canada artist with a passion for pastel as her primary media, and oil painting as a close second! She began her art journey later in life. If painting is not possible in a day, then a quick sketch will have to do, but not a day goes by without some type of creative flow. Painting outdoors is an activity that brings great joy, and this is why the majority if her works are landscapes and florals.
Jodi was a chef for a number of years and now that she has left the kitchen, she is continuing to grow her artistic skills, and looks forward to sharing with others!

Cally Lawson

Cally Lawson 

Cally works in mixed media using a variety of strong lines to create movement in her paintings. Cally’s work is expressive and has become progressively more abstract over the last few years.  Working in Mixed Media and as a YouTube Instructor, Cally has a diverse catalogue of instructional videos.



Nina Morgan 

I am married and retired and fortunate enough to have time on my hands to pursue the things I love. I am a self-taught artist, apart from taking a short part-time course on watercolour painting, which was good grounding for me as I took up painting on retirement. Watercolour was my main ‘go to’ for a long while before I felt brave enough to try out other mediums. Brusho has brought a new and challenging dimension to my creativity, and I just love experimenting with it. I enjoy painting so much and will attempt to paint just about anything in any style; landscape, flowers, animals, still-life, seascape etc etc. I find the spontaneity of Brusho crystals to be magical and challenging, and such FUN!


Georgie Ng

All too often I see beautiful work created by many artists in all mediums, and by chance one day I somehow started to get creative with Acrylic, Brusho, Resin and Ink. Five years ago, I was given the opportunity to create not just for fun but to earn a living and express myself. 


Pooja Sharma

Pooja resides in India and is a self-taught mixed media artist.  She loves to explore and experiment in different art forms using different mediums and colors.  Pooja works to create texture and layers which add detail and vibrancy to her art.

Artist and instructor Lynn Shield 

Lynn Shield

Lynn is a self-taught artist, based in Billings, Montana. She began drawing and painting as a young girl, and has recently focused on vibrant paintings of Montana wildlife and flowers. 

Jill Spriggs 

Jill Spriggs

Jill specializes in painting watercolor portraits and enjoys painting Plein Air in her garden and in the beautiful scenery she sees while traveling and camping around the western United States.  She loves trying new art techniques, tools, surfaces, and pigments, including Brusho watercolor crystals, alcohol ink and watercolor pencils.

Sally Taylor 

Sally Taylor

Sally’s current series of work makes use of a medium which reacts with water, exploding with a myriad of coloured pigments. Each painting uses this unpredictability to connect with the viewer; Brusho Crystal Pigments are fun to explore and challenging to control, with the powders giving bright and clear colours which can be mixed and used with a variety of bases including water and starch and built into layers by applying varnishes. Glitters and sparkles as a fun element showing off how sunlight dances on water, or how sand glistens.

Joanne Boon Thomas

Joanne is an artist and tutor based in the United Kindom, she loves holding workshops, tutoring painting holidays and tutoring online for  Her work has been sold to buyers from all over the world and for the last nine years her figurative work is sold by one of the UKs top favourite stores John Lewis.

Joanne has a life-long love of painting and drawing, and it has taken many hours of practice to get to this point.  She is always striving to achieve another level.

Nadja Yabrova

Nadja Yabrova

Nadja is a Watercolor/Brusho Artist and she also paints on leather/denim jackets with acrylics. She learned to paint from Bob Davies and Joanne Boon Thomas.

Monique Van dijk

Monique loves all kinds of projects from art journaling to painting and everything in between.

She has a quirky style and although she likes the darker subjects, the colours she uses are often very vibrant.

Featured Artist for Creating Magic with Brusho

Jan Hackett  Watercolorist, Alcohol Ink and Instructor

Jan loves when one of her paintings evoke an emotion from her viewers.  She started painting pet portraits for friends and family that had lost a beloved Doodle to help fill the hole left in their heart.  She found Brusho in 2004 and immediately fell in love with its vibrancy, fluidness and uncontrollability. Jan brings her passion of helping other in finding their style and love of the Arts.  Jan is the Founder of The Fine Art Café and The Fine Art Café Academy.