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A Variety of Brusho Styles

Contributing Artist and Instructor Nina Morgan offers many interesting features for the beginner or intermediary student. For each of these paintings a different style has been used.

A Wispy Flower Using Alcohol Ink

A Wispy Floral

Learn to create a wispy alcohol ink floral with artist and instructor Lynn Shield.

Pooja Sharma Brusho Altered Bag

Altered Bag – Mixed Media

Contributing artist Pooja Sharma demonstrates her Mixed Media Holiday Altered Bag using Brusho Watercolor Crystals, paste, stamps and a variety of decorative items.

Alcohol Ink and Brusho

Amazing Texture with Alcohol Ink and Brusho Colour Crystals

Contributing artist Jan Hackett demonstrates how to uses Brusho Color Crystals along with alcohol ink. She walks you through a step-by-step process in painting with Brusho and alcohol ink.


An Intro to Brusho!

Contributing artist and instructor Joanne Boon Thomas shares an introduction to Brusho Watercolour Crystals. Joanne walks you through her tips and techniques on how you can create beautiful colorful artwork using Brusho by painting simple subjects such as Lavender and white florals.


Art Journal page CHAOS

Contributing Artist Monique Van dijk present her process in creating a art journal page in the world of Mixed Media Art.


Art Motifs for kids

Contributing artist Lisa Christensen shows how to create art patterns with your kids using liquid watercolor, and markers. In this demo,LisaI wants to share with you how color and line elements can make a fun composition!


Beautiful Brusho Animals

Contributing artist Sally Taylor presents her amazing tutorial creating beautiful animals using Brusho Watercolor Powders – of course!

Flower Bouquet in Brusho

Beautiful Brusho Flowers

Contributing artist Sally Taylor’s step-by-step online course creating Beautiful Brusho Flowers.


Beautiful Loose Tulips

Contributing artist Joanne Boon Thomas’s demonstration shows how to use transparent liquid watercolors to create beautiful loose tulips.

Birch Tree using a Palette Knife

Birch Tree with a Palette Knife

Create a fun and organic Birch Tree using Brusho Watercolour Crystals and a palette knife.


Brusho – I Have IT, and Then What!

Learn the basics in this Brusho tutorial on how you can buy your Brusho, then what to do with it after it arrives! Brusho 101


Brusho and an Elephant stencil….. with a twist!

Contributing Artist Georgie Ng creates a beautiful Elephant Painting using Brusho Watercolor Crystals and a stencil to created a painting with a twist.


Brusho Butterflies

Contributing artist Joanne Boon Thomas creates beautiful butterflies by using water and Brusho to create amazing textures.

Brusho Watercolour Crystals

Brusho Colors

Artist and instructor Jan Hackett introduces the 34 colors of Brusho Watercolour Crystals in her live weekly series. Watch here using the Zoom tab or on YouTube every Tuesday at 7:30 pm EST.


Brusho Flowers using Wax Resist

Do you love loose floral paintings? You will love creating your own with Contributing Artist Nina Morgan as shows how she uses wax resist to create her fun florals.


Brusho Holiday Greeting Card

Contributing artist Lisa Christensen demonstrates how she creates her five-minute Holiday Greeting Card using a stamp and Brusho Watercolor Crystals.

Brusho Paintings - Brooding Sky

Brusho Landscapes

Contributing artist Sally Taylor’s step-by-step online course creating Beautiful Brusho Landscapes.

Brusho Lilium

Brusho Lilium Flowers

Contributing artist Stelena Hristova shares her process in creating her beautiful Brusho Liliums.


Brusho Snowflakes

Sally Taylor artist and contributor on The Fine Art Cafe Academy demonstrates how to create her fun Brusho Snowflakes from the 2020 Winter Holiday Bash.

Single Sunflower

Brusho Sunflower

Steps of Creating a Brusho Sunflower

Brusho and Glue

Brusho, Glue and Water Technique

Contributing artist Elizabeth Collins demonstrates using Brusho Watercolor Crystals, Water and Glue to make beautiful abstract Brusho art.


Cards with Lisa

Contributing Artist Lisa Christensen shares her watercolor and stamping tips to create greeting cards.

Colorful Ostrich

Colorful Ostrich Brusho Watercolor Crystals Lesson

Contributing artist Jan Hackett creates a fun Ostrich using the vibrant and amazing colors of Brusho Watercolor Crystals.


Colour – 1st steps

Learn how to apply colour theory with Brusho Watercolour Crystals. Artist and Instructor Sally Taylor walks you through some basic steps in using Brusho.

Sally Taylor's Brusho Tiger

Colourful Tiger with Brusho

Contributing artist Sally Taylor demonstrates using Brusho Watercolor Crystals her steps in creating a beautiful and vibrant Brusho Tiger.


Creating Brusho Seahorses

Learn to create Brusho Watercolor Crystal Seahorses with Kaz Bell. An fun free demo for adults and kids.


Creating Magic with Brusho

Take your Brusho knowledge to the next level with this four week comprehensive course. The instructor guides you step-by-step through each of the five paintings, plus two bonus paintings. During the four weeks every seven days it is like receiving a fun and exciting package as you receive access to the next lesson. This course will take your knowledge of using Brusho and your art to the next level.

Dandelions in Morning Dew

Dandelions in the Morning Dew

Dandelions in Morning Dew demonstration by artist and instructor Nina Morgan.


Drawing an Easter Bunny

Contributing Artist Jan Hackett show how to draw a cute and fun Easter Bunny. After you have yours drawn you can decorate your bunny with any medium. If you have watercolor pencils we show you the basics of using them.

Drawing Horses

Drawing Horses Made Easy

Learn how to draw two versions of a horse with Sally Taylor. Sally shows how using shapes makes drawing easy.


Drawing Silly Faces

Learn to create fun and silly faces with your kids. You’ll make memories with them that will last a lifetime.


Drawing Silly Penguins

If you like how cute Penguins are, I know I do. I just think they are adorable! You can learn to draw 3 different silly penguins in this fun kid’s tutorial. We even paint one with watercolors.


Drawing Techniques – Faces

Contributing artist Sally Taylor’s demo on how to draw a face will show you how to break a face down into the right segments and where facial features are placed.


Drawing Techniques – Thirds

Contributing artist Sally Taylor’s demo on show how to layout a draw. Sally walks you through the basics of the third format.

Feathers Created with Brusho

Feathers Created with Brusho

Contributing artist Jill Spriggs demonstrates how she creates her fun and beautiful feathers using Brusho Watercolour Powders.


Florals with Ink and Brusho Workshop

Use code FLORALSFORALL for your $30.00 discount at checkout. Contributor and Artist Lisa Christensen brings a fun and meditative floral course using ink in different forms. Florals can be a challenge to paint using watercolor, but Lisa shows how fun and easy you can learn to create your own florals.


Fun Brusho Birds

Artist and Contributor Nadja Yabrova demonstrates how she creates her fun birds in her presentation from the Brusho Fun FB group during the 12 Day Holiday Bash in 2020.

Grizzly Blue Demonstration by Lynn Shield

Grizzly Blue – Brusho on Canvas

Contributing artist Lynn Shield gives step-by-step instructions on how to create your own colorful Grizzly Blue bear on canvas.

Holiday Brusho Wreath

Holiday Brusho and SprinkleIT Wreath

This Holiday Wreath is created on Stonehenge Aqua Black Watercolor Paper using Brusho and SprinkleIT. It sparkles and glistens as it add that special touch to your holiday decor.


Holiday Candles

Jodi Epp artist and contributor on The Fine Art Cafe Academy demonstrates how to create her fun Holiday Candles from the 2020 Winter Holiday Bash.


Holiday Fir Tree Greeting Cards

Nadja Yabrova artist and contributor on The Fine Art Cafe Academy demonstrates how to create fun holiday greeting cards from the 12 Winter Bash on the Brusho Fun Facebook group.



Learn to paint Holly by Artist and Contributor Teresa K Brown.

Ink and Brusho

Ink and Brusho

Contributing artist Cally Lawson demonstrates using Brusho Color Crystals and her bold line art to create a vibrant fall leaf. She walks you through her steps how she paints with Brusho.

Jingle Bells with Brusho

Jingle Bells

Artist, Contributor and Founder of The Fine Art Cafe Academy presents creating Jingle Bells with Brusho on several different papers.

Jolly Santa

Jolly Santa

Jolly Santa
Create your very own Jolly Santa along with Artist and Instructor Teresa K Brown. Teresa uses Brusho Watercolour Crystals for her Santa, but you can also use traditional watercolors if you have them.

Julia’s Rose Peony

Julia’s Rose Peony Using Brusho

Demonstration of Creating a Brusho Peony


Kingfisher using Brusho and Watercolors

Create a fun and vibrant Kingfisher using Brusho Watercolor Crystals and Watercolor with Contributor Kaz Bell.

Lavender Fields Tutorial

Lavender Fields

Create a beautiful field of Lavender flowers using Brusho with Contributing Artist Teresa K Brown.


Live Presentations using Brusho

A compilation of the live presentations from the Facebook group “Brusho Fun”.

Loving Lions

Loving Lions Created with Brusho Watercolor Powders

Loving Lions Created Using Brusho on Photo Paper

Horse done in Brusho

Majestic Horse

Contributing artist Teresa K Brown brings her amazing horse to life using Brusho. She walks you through step-by-step how to create your own horse. Teresa has added a bonuse on how to Zen Doodle on the horse and mane to make your painting truly your own master piece.



Lisa Christensen artist and contributor on The Fine Art Cafe Academy demonstrates how to create her holiday Mistletoe from the 12 Winter Bash 2020 on the Brusho Fun Facebook group.

Momma Cat in Brusho

Momma Cat

Contributing artist and instructor Nina Morgan walks you through her process of using Brusho to create her vibrant Brusho Momma Cat.

Alcohol Ink Boats

Nautical Boats Using Alcohol Ink

Learn to create to nautical boats with alcohol ink and alcohol ink markers. Both of these to boats were also taught for a Facebook group.  All members of the group pick a month and teach new techniques and styles.  It’s my pleasure to bring both of these paintings to The Fine Art Cafe Academy.  Enjoy!


Octopus Using Brusho on Canvas

This follow along with this WIP where I’m showing how I create an amazing background using Brusho on a 10 x 10 gesso prepped canvas to create a Octopus.


Oswald the Ostrich

Contributing Artist and Instructor Nina Morgan shares how she created her cute and fun Oswald the Ostrich using Brusho Watercolor Crystals.


Painting a Bunny with Brusho

Contributing artist Sally Taylor walks you through how to draw this cute floppy eared bunny then how to apply only a couple colors of the vibrant Brusho Watercolor Crystals to create this fun little guy.

Brusho Red Flower

Painting a Red Flower

Contributing Artist and Instructor Lynn Shield walks you through creating a beautiful red Brusho flower in her tutorial.

Lynn Shield Fine Art

Painting Parties

Virtual painting parties, where artists share tips and tricks while creating amazing paintings.


Peacock in a Tree

Nina Morgan artist and contributor shares how she does a rough sketch in ink then paints with Brusho,


Peacock using Brusho and Watercolors

Create a fun Peacock along with Kaz Bell using Brusho Crystals and trditional Watercolors.


Pepper Created with Brusho Watercolor Crystals

Steps of a Brusho Pet Portrait


Poppy Head with Brusho

Joanne Boon Thomas demonstrates how she creates her beautiful Brusho Poppie Head painting.


Reindeer with Brusho

Sally Taylor artist and contributor on The Fine Art Cafe Academy demonstrates how to create an amazing Brusho Reindeer.


Rough Seas

Learn to work on canvas with Brusho to create Rough Seas. This painting is full of movement and power.


Slash Rock Star Portrait

If you love the Rock group Guns N’ Roses you want to learn to create Slash Rock Star Portrait along with your instructor Nadja Yabrova. Nadja takes you on a step by step on a journey using Brusho Watercolour Crystals.

Pastel Lemon Demonstration

Soft Pastel Blending

Contributing Artist Jodi Epp demonstrates using soft pastels to create her delicious lemons.


Stamping and using Brusho and other Watercolor Mediums

In this tutorial you will learn about using waterproof ink, brusho, and watercolor to make some beautiful cards, and artwork with Artist and Instuctor LIsa Christensen.

The Visitor

The Visitor – Brusho Watercolor Crystal Cardinal

Brusho Cardinal Demonstration


Triptych of Lemons

Nadja Yabrova presents a Triptych of Lemons. Learn to create all three fun paintings.


Vibrant Greeting Cards with Brushos

Take your stamps and Brushos to the next level creating vibrant, beautiful greeting cards that stand out from the crowd in this fun self-paced tutorial. For more detailed information check out the Feature Course tab.

Watercolor Palette

Watercolor Palette Talk

Contributing Artist Lisa Christensen talks about setting up a watercolor palette for Plein Air Painting and her go to colors.


What Is It Wednesday with Brusho

Contributing artist Nina Morgan takes you on a journey of creativity to find art in the sprinkles and spritzs of Brusho Watercolour Crystals. She helps you to find your imagination and be free in creativity.

Winter window using Brusho

Winter Window using Brusho

Jodi Epp artist and contributor on The Fine Art Cafe Academy demonstrates how to create her frosty window pane painting for the 2020 Winter Holiday Bash.