Lisa Christensen

Lisa is interested in the natural world around her and uses watercolor to paint how she feels when she immerses herself in the beauty of this earth. She believes that nature has a story to tell and that we should be curious to find that story and paint it” Her loose, soft, and vibrant watercolors portray the essence of her subject. Her works can often be expressive with value, and color. Lisa is interested in sharing the connection between plants and animals have with humanity. She has Exhibited in Plein Air Festivals and Art for the Wild with Blank Park Zoo. She holds a position on the Board of the Iowa Watercolor Society as their social media and web manager. 

The why she does what she does:

Lisa believe that everyone is creative and should have the tools to use their creativity to make their lives happier. She embraces the emotions that life has to offer and use that emotion to show through her artwork. The artwork that is created, is to be used to celebrate the milestones and occasions that life has to offer all the while celebrating the sheer joy of creativity.

Lisa’s Mission:  To share Peace and Joy through creativity

You can find Lisa’s blogging at MaydreamRose, where she wants to cultivate creativity through teaching and inspiring creativity. For her loyal readers, she is a watercolorist and paper crafter which provides inspiration and empowerment for creativity.  Lisa gets to the heart of creativity so you are feeling uplifted and inspired to use your creativity freely.