The beginning of Inspiration is a single thought!

Join me as I tell you how painting saved my life!

As a child my active imagination and creative energy unfolded in the kitchen. I begged my mom to make mac and cheese, not to eat, but to sculpt into better fancier food for the family for dinner. She did not comply, but I still became a chef. Finding delicate balances of flavor, meeting the pressures of time and presenting a perfect plate is an artform like no other. Twenty-five plus years in the trade took its toll on me. I ignored the signs of burnout until it was too late. One day I just woke up broken, seemingly beyond repair.

Art therapy was prescribed to help me heal. I will never forget the moment I watched the red pigment meet the water and dance down the trail on the paper! This process captivated me and I watched in awe as each mark was made. It was in this moment my mind was set free from the burden of fear and anxiety that had been gripping me. The healing had begun, a beautiful cardinal had been painted, and an artist was born.

Hungry to learn more and grow in my skills, I took course after course on line. I tried every media I met, and was inspired to paint any subject. I know that art is a healing balm, and I want viewers to be drawn into peaceful moments for themselves. My inspiration comes in many forms, and so do my paintings, but they all have that secret weapon of bringing you to a peaceful place.

I got brave and entered the local Exhibition Fine Art Show, and I won 2nd place! I entered the next year, and took 2nd place again!

My Cardinal, which I titled the Visitor, because I know the Lord came and painted with me, and showed me my new path in art, was featured for the month of December 2020 in the Canadian Mental Health Association calendar.

I have joined many art groups and associations in my area, and my work is displayed in and around Saskatoon.

I am still learning and growing as both a studio and plein air painter. I have recently begun teaching.

This chef now cooks up some pretty tasty pastels, and I love what I am serving! Just don’t eat them, hang them on your wall where they can serve you peace!

To see more of Jodi’s work visit her website Jodi Epp.