Joanne enjoys tutoring at her workshops and has a passion for nurturing those skills in others.  She derives immense pleasure from helping others to discover the endless joys (and occasional frustrations) of painting, and to progress, whether they are taking their first tentative steps or are seeking to develop their technique and style.  As a tutor her goal is to do so much more than demonstrate and pass on her knowledge.  Joanne regards it as her role to understand her students aims, and fears, to help them to achieve the former and to lose the latter, to encourage, and to make it fun.  She gets unbelievably excited and proud when she sees students blossoming.  Her students tell her that her patience is endless and that her enthusiasm is infectious.  Perhaps that is because she genuinely believes that anyone can learn to paint, it just takes the desire, tuition and plenty of persistence, and the knowledge that art is so very good for the soul.

She received a set of Brusho over 9 years ago by a friend who is a teacher, Brusho has been in the educational system in the UK for many years, small amounts of Brusho powder was put into large jars and filled with water for the children to paint with.

Her box of Brusho sat on a shelf for many months as she didn’t see how paints designed for children would work for a watercolour purest like herself.  On a one wet rainy in December day Joanne decided to take a look at that box of Brusho and she is so glad I did as that box of Brusho has taken her on an amazing journey.

To see more of Joanne’s work and tutorials visit her website Art by Boon.