Featured Artist for Creating Magic with Brusho  Jan Hackett

I’ve often tried to label my style; I would say it is more Representational with a touch of Realism. I want people to see what the painting is, but I also want their minds eye to finish a piece with the lost and found edges.

My first true inspiration to create a meaningful and emotional painting was when a friend lost her pup, it was a tragic loss for her.  My heart was breaking, and I wanted in some way to help ease that pain, that was my first pet portrait and I fell in love with capturing the essence of a beloved pet.  Our pets come into our lives and touch us in so many ways, and my pets have become a part of our family.  In a blink of an eye they have been giving us so much of themselves and then they are gone. If I can evoke an emotion of the love someone has for their beloved pet, my heart is full.  It is all about creating an emotion a connection with the viewer.  That first pet portrait was back in 2004, I’m self-taught with the help from a couple prominent artist’s workshops.  In 2014 I found Brusho and it has become my go to medium.  I love how explosive, vibrant and uncontrollable it can be.  I’ve always loved working with adults guiding them on a learning journey.  As the Operations Manager and Instructor at the Oregon City Schools Career and Technology Center, we developed and taught adults on emerging job industry and assisted with job placement.  I love that I can carry my knowledge and love of working with adults into the world of art.

Currently you can find my art on my website thefineartcafe.com and Instagram @the.fine.art.cafe.  I will be launching e-courses this coming September.  Because of my love of teaching and sharing my art and techniques I am developing a series of Brusho e-courses and they will be available through the The Fine Art Café Academy on my website, where currently you can watch some Brusho demos.  As I grow the Academy, my goal is to have additional artists offer classes in their areas of expertise.  I also do commission work upon request and I’m a member of the Port Clinton Artists’ Club and the Port Clinton Area Arts Council.