Beautiful Brusho Florals


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Flower Bouquet in Brusho

 Within this course there are 3 artworks to paint with video’s step by step instructions along with one bonus painting.

The mixture within the lessons covers different techniques and different abilities. Brusho is a medium suitable for a complete novice as well as an experienced artist – these 3 lesson sets provide inspiration and ideas for everyone interested in painting with these little pots of magic!

All of the lessons have a materials list provided.

Three Sunflowers

This is an introductory series where the student is encouraged to not worry about accurate drawing. Painting with water, sprinkling Brusho, removing pigment for highlights and lastly, to emphasis the flowers through adding a black pen line

Painting Loose Florals

This class set is a little more complex and is provided with a photograph and a line drawing to help the student gain an understanding of how the painting can work.

Painting Poppies with Brusho

The final lesson set again uses free line-work where accuracy is not required. This lesson set is similar to the Three Sunflowers but uses more Brusho, bleach and extra sprinkling and water spraying.

Beautiful Brusho Florals Online Course Includes a Amazing Bonus of Another Floral Painting!

Registration for this course will be opening in December.  More information can be found in the Course Catalogue.

I really did learn from the first lesson…people do birch trees a lot, and I have always been envious, but have never known how to do it with backgrounds and dramatic effect .. Jan gave me the tools to accomplish that. This picture could not have happened for me without the video. I think the use of bleach was of course the most obvious technique learned, but the negative painting and background, and the color combinations, and I guess one thing I can really appreciate is this…I have watched other instructional videos from other people, and I learned to paint the one picture, but you give information to carry over for creating other pictures as well with the technical points you make, and this carries on into each of the lessons. I learned so much from them all.

Jodi Epp

I was not sure how the class would work, thinking it was like a live & I needed to be there at exact times. I was very relieved it is a step by step at your own speed, such a relief, not feeling the imaginary pressure. Haha. Also, what a fabulous job Jan did on the entire introduction to the product, including the safety of using these products. I wasn’t expecting that and think Creating Magic with Brusho deserve a 10+ just on that part. I haven’t touched my brusho since I bought it in May 2017 played with it to maybe Sept 2017. It’s been on the shelf since I used it intermittently that year. You just made everything familiar, easy & the Bleach & Milton I had never seen step by step before. I am really impressed by the amount of thought & coverage that has been included and all the work putting all of this together and keeping everything in real time, oh and the patience shown by the Instructor!  Truly I would recommend Creating Magic with Brusho course to anyone. I watched everything in Lesson One but haven’t gathered all the supplies to do the painting yet, but I feel very comfortable. I did swatches before but not your method which is brilliant! I never even noticed that colors clumped or reacted differently, makes sense but didn’t play enough or make notes. Things I do with regular watercolors but didn’t even occur to me with Brusho. So, I thought that was another 10+ Bravo moment to the Instructor. This is the closest to being in a real live class, only better no commute time! Jan really, great job!

Dena Heck

Creating Magic with Brusho is a fabulous course which I would recommend any artist interested in understanding how techniques can affect the artists style and how Brusho can create some amazing paintings. More than 10 out of 10!

Sally Taylor