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The Fine Art Cafe Academy is your place to learn techniques to take your artistic style to the next level.



Your Academy is a comfortable environment to learn and be inspired, where you can grab your tea, coffee or drink of choice, sit down and become leisurely lost in learn.  All of our instructors bring their love of art, mentoring and knowledge to others in a setting of compassion, willingness to share, and the love of give back to fellow artists.  Our instructors continue working on their artistic path of growth and knowledge of art to help enhance in the development of caring art ecourses. The Fine Art Cafe Academy will continue to become a platform for budding to accomplished artist to define and heighten their artistic style and proficiency.

Jan Hackett,

The Fine Art Cafe Academy’s  Featured Artist for

“Creating Magic with Brusho”

Some of the paintings that will be taught in the Creating Magic with Brusho ecourse.


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